Monday, November 21, 2011

So Boring

Assalammualaikum readers.

Hump.. No sentences that I could write today. But I feel so fucking bored.

I might be fat women coz I almost wasting my time by internet, Facebooking, Games, Blog and Youtube for 24 hours.

I'm not a researcher person. Yeah.. I admit that I'm lack of little info about the current issues.

I'm just searching for the things that I'm interested and no politics issue on my mind. It serious double fucking bored. =="

For me, I'm wasting my time seeing a peoples who are argue for the something not important. Yeah. It's annoying man. Sometimes its look funny ! >_>

Now, I'm just a little girl who are stay at home, cooking and cleaning.. Helping my parents and babbling to my siblings.

No jobs and no income. Sigh ~~~

Wanna hangout ? "Mama.. give me RM10 please." <------ actually its not enough. Yaa.. I know ! I'm just survive for it and ask another RM10 to my Abah. (~.^)

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